Gulab Bagh Garden & Zoo

Gulab garden started by Maharaja Sajjan Singh ji in 1878 is the largest garden of Rajasthan named after him as Sajjan Niwas Bagh. This garden is spread over 100 acres of area located near the famous City Palace. The Gulab garden is named after the considerable availability of varieties of roses. The architecture of garden is beautifully constructed accompanied by various species of trees that includes grapes, campher, pummelo, tamarind, mangoes, pummelo, citron, bullock’s heart , lichi, wood apple, ficus species, jack fruit etc.

The garden is also consists of a Museum “The Victoria Hall Museum” which exhibits the valuable antiques and artifacts used in 18th century. The foundation stone was laid by Maharaja Sajjan Singh in 1980. It was inaugurated by lord Lansdown.

Apart from natural beauty and cultural heritage, garden is also equipped with a toy train and zoo. The toy train runs through the garden and the zoo as well. The zoo is not big but is a house of several interesting animals and birds.

The garden also has a library, constructed in the midst of well decorated and manicured lawns. The library is known as Saraswati Bhawan Library and has a well-organized collection of many books related to philosophy, history, science, literature and archaeology.

How to Reach

This park is among the most famous parks and is visited by many tourists every year. This garden is located at a distance of 22.9 kms from Maharana Pratap Airport, very close to the Udaipur City Railway Station. Tourists can take the help of private taxi in Udaipur or rickshaws to reach this greenish Garden.