Sajjangarh Palace

Sajjangarh, also known as The Monsoon Palace is a heritage palace located on one of the hillock of Aravali hills just outside Udaipur. The palace is situated 5km away from Udaipur high at 944m from sea level overlooking Fatehsagar and Lake Pichhola.

It is named after Maharana Sajjan Singh of Mewar Dynasty. The construction is completed by his successor Maharana Fateh Singh who used it mainly to watch clouds, hence, named as The Monsoon Palace.

The built

The entire structure is built in white marble, standing high on marble pillars which are engraved with exquisite motifs of leaves and flowers. The palace comprises of large central court with staircase, numerous rooms and quarters and has high turrets depicting the traditional Rajasthani architecture.

The walls are plastered with lime mortar and domes, fountains and jharokas also compliments the interior of the palace. The ground floor of palace is a museum with a collection of pictures, paintings and maps of the entire palace and the design of the palace.

The view

The palace displays a spectacular view from the top. Looming at the hillock, the fort offers a mesmerizing bird eye view of Udaipur city, its lakes, palaces, Aravali Mountain ranges and surrounding countryside.

The way to fort presents a charismatic view of lush greenery and high hills of aravali region especially at the backside. The road towards the palace is hilly, steep, twisting at distances which give a perfect feel of adventurous visit to Sajjangarh.

The perimeter of palace is encircled with Wildlife Sanctuary known as Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary managed under forest department and open for visitors. The sanctuary is a house of several species which includes hyenas, sambhars, panthers, wild boars, peacocks, spotted deers, jackals, reptiles, blue bulls, wild rabbits and birds..

In the evening, Palace offers an enchanting view of sunset giving a golden orange luster spreading romance in the atmosphere. At night, looming high on hill, palace gives a feel of fairytale castle floating free in the sky.