Shilpgram is a rural arts and crafts complex surrounded by Aravali hillocks spread over 70 acres of land. It is an amalgamation of traditional and cultural heritage from all over India. It consists of an open air Amphitheatre with a seating capacity of approximately 8000.It also has different huts for various artisans come from member states of the country.

The Shilpgram is constructed in such a way which exhibits the lifestyle of the folk and tribal zone.Here, stalls are also constructed where people showcase and sell their artistic and hand crafted products. It also provides a platform for traditional folk performing artists.

Every year Shilpgram hosts crafts fair which is one of the largest in India to motivate the local community as well as outside artists.

The Shilpgram is also comprises of two museums where various objects of daily use has been displayed which reveals the tribal and rural life.

Time to visit

The best time to visit Shilpgram is during the mela (fair) in last week of December when hundreds of artisans pay attendance to perform various cultural and folk performances.

How to reach

Shilpgram is situated 3 km (1.9 mi) west of the city is 9 km away from the bus station and railway station and 26 km from the airport. One could visit the Shilpgram by hiring a private taxi in Udaipur, getting auto-rickshaw or public transport.